Raft the Kennebec, Dead and Penobscot Rivers Maine

Kennebec River

The 12 mile Kennebec trip begins at Harris Station on Indian Pond and flows through the Kennebec Gorge ending at The Forks, the confluence of the Dead and Kennebec Rivers. Class II-V Rapids.

Penobscot River

The first 2 miles descend from McKay Station through Ripogenus Gorge. The last 12 miles of rapids end at the take out near Pockwockamus Falls. Class III-V Rapids.

Dead River

The Dead river offers the longest stretch of continuous whitewater in the East. The 16 mile trip begins at Grand Falls and runs through Class IV and V whitewater ending at The Forks.

Rapids Classifications

  • Class I — Easy, no obstacles, small ripples, slow current

  • Class II — Moderate, occasional obstacles, medium current with waves

  • Class III — Difficult, longer rapids with strong, irregular currents

  • Class IV — Very Difficult, steeper, longer with numerous obstacles

  • Class V — Extremely Difficult, has large vertical drops, strong hydraulics, very swift, irregular currents in heavily obstructed channels

  • Class VI — Nearly Impossible and Very Dangerous. For teams of experts only, after close study and with all precautions taken.

Maine Whitewater Rafting

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